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About Us

COSMICSOLUTIONS has had an internet presence since 1999 where we advised on alternative methods to a healthier lifestyle and demonstrated alternative techniques for website design. Since 2001 we have been more focused on highlighting the value of internet security and securing your home/business network, whilst still promoting alternative methods to living a healthier lifestyle.

Our aim is to reduce the cost and complexity of Information Technology for small to medium size businesses. We will help you design and implement an IT plan, provide support and maintenance, and keep you informed of technological changes that affect your business.

While running your own business quite often with the pressure, long hours and added responsibilities, we can sometimes take our health for granted and overlook certain health concerns. Virtually everyone living in modern society either currently endures serious health problems or can statistically expect to do so in the future. It is vital for yourself, your family, and the business to ensure that you obtain an adequate nutritional intake and participate in regular physical activity.

According to new research, the use of complementary and alternative medicine has almost doubled in the past decade. These complementary and alternative medicine therapies include traditional Chinese medicine, herbalism, homeopathy, aromatherapy, chiropractic, massage, nutritional therapies, osteopathy and reflexology. COSMICSOLUTIONS is only interested in promoting an alternative method to achieving better health.

Our Mission

We believe it's important that longevity is matched by quality of life. We want people to not just live longer, but to do so with better health and a sense of wellbeing and happiness by offering them practical solutions and advice to get well and stay well.

The goal of COSMICSOLUTIONS is to help you find alternative methods for securing your computer and network for internet usage to enhance the internet experience and protect your privacy. We also want to empower you to take responsibility for your own health care by providing information and resources to maximize your chances of benefiting from living a long healthy lifestyle.

Whenever possible, please refer to our main website for detailed information.

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